31 Tips For Achieving The Perfect Duckface

    With this guide, you'll be duckface-ing like a pro in no time flat.

    Duckface can be a challenging pose, but with these helpful tips, you'll be on your way in no time.

    First, before you start, accessorize. You can amp up the wow with some fun face paint.

    Try a funky fedora for just the right amount of sass.

    Don't overlook ANY accessories.

    Maybe try a fun sparkly headband.

    You can never go wrong with a headband.

    As far as makeup goes, don't hesitate to accentuate your pout with some shimmery lipstick.

    Some vivid eyeshadow will draw the eye up for a fun pop of color.

    Pump up your hair volume as much as possible for a truly sizzling visual effect.

    And bring on that bronzer! You'll look your prettiest with a warm summer glow.

    The perfect duckface requires perfectly arched eyebrows.

    Fashion: The most popular duck face-accompanying apparel is arguably the bikini.

    But bold patterns will also bring out the sheer fierceness of your duck face.

    Gents, you can add a fun graphic tee.

    Or just lose the clothes entirely.

    Duck face is even more fun with a friend!

    Friends who duckface together, stay together.

    You can even duck face with that special someone.

    Ready? It's picture time! Remember to suck in your cheeks for the sexiest pout.

    Don't be shy; werq it!

    You can try a fun facial expression.

    Or keep it totally chill.

    But probably the most important way to highlight your duck face is to throw up a peace sign.

    What kind of idiot wouldn't add the peace sign?

    DO NOT forget the peace sign.

    It would be SO embarrassing if you forgot the peace sign.

    Finally, props are a great touch. Don't be afraid to add products!

    Or your favorite meal.

    Or your hot sports car.

    Just grab whatever. Don't be afraid to have fun with it!

    Life's too short: duckface like no one's watching!