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    31 Gorgeous Pictures That Prove Florida Is Paradise

    Ready? Bring your beach reading!

    1. Check out this gorgeous, red-hot sunset.

    2. ...and the archway to the ocean at Dry Tortugas National Park.

    Nagel Photography / Shutterstock

    3. Here's a stunning Miami morning.

    4. Look at this starfish on Sanibel Island.

    5. ...and these seagulls on Captiva Island.

    6. Where else can you see a view like this one of the Everglades during a storm?

    7. Or this lovely, hazy sunrise?

    8. Stately palm trees are everywhere, even in Orlando.

    9. Don't you want to curl up in this house on Anastasia Island?

    10. Or in this cozy beach cabana in Southwest Florida?

    11. You can catch the sunrise over the Atlantic on the east coast...

    12. ...and the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast.

    13. Bask in this sultry Fort Myers Beach sunset.

    14. Look at these cosmic-esque waves at Ocean Reef Park.

    Kim Seng / Via Flickr: captainkimo

    15. But nothing is going to top this sunset at the broken bridge in the Keys.

    Fotomak / Shutterstock

    16. Visit the serene beauty of the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

    Shackleford-Photography / Shutterstock

    17. ...and these spooky caverns in Marianna.

    Sarah Cady / Via Flickr: sararah

    18. And this only-in-Florida photo of an afternoon storm touching down.

    John Wollwerth / Shutterstock

    19. Here's an aerial view of Star Island, off the Miami shore.

    Richard Cavalleri / Shutterstock

    20. And the rainbow-y skyline of Downtown Tampa.

    Judy Kennamer / Shutterstock

    21. Scope out the clear water at Wekiwa Springs.

    Jason Patrick Ross / Shutterstock

    22. Or this lovely bunch of ripening bananas — Florida's not just about oranges.

    23. Anyone who goes to the water will see egrets like this:

    24. Take a gander at the famous banyan tree at Thomas Edison's winter home in Fort Myers.

    Flickr: 24736216@N07

    (The largest banyan tree in the U.S.!)

    25. But Florida's not just beaches: Check out the Epping Forest Yacht Club in Jacksonville.

    26. And the Falling Waters State Park in Chipley.

    William Silver / Shutterstock

    27. And the Ringling Museum in Sarasota.

    28. Is that Africa? No, it's Payne's Prairie in Gainesville.

    29. Or head inside, to the picturesque Bauman Center at the University of Florida.

    30. ...or the lighthouse at St. Augustine.

    31. And of course, our most treasured national landmark.