31 Cool Things To Do With The Apple Logo On Your Mac

…and it’s as simple as buying a decal. Yay!

2. … or downright divine.

3. Disney your MacBook Pro.

5. Iron Man will help you tackle your Gmail inbox.

6. …unless you’d rather goof off.

7. …and play a game or two.

8. You can hunt your apple down:

9. Or William Tell it.

10. Or let it succumb to gravity.

11. Scientifically speaking.

12. Use this sticker to get that retro look:

13. …or go REALLY old school.

15. More like a CATBook Pro.

16. Cats and fish and fish and cats.

17. Get your game on:

20. Or you know, just have random fun with it.

31. Just maybe not this one, unless you’re a biologist.

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