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30 Things That Will Give Christian Kids Intense Childhood Flashbacks

Only the cool kids acquired the fire.

1. The most famous singing Bible.

2. These amazing album covers.

You still probably know all the words.

3. Sticking flannel Bible characters on one of these at VBS.

4. The only candy you were allowed to eat in church.

5. Posters of this everywhere (always in an unreadable script font).

6. Mastering all your praise and worship hand motions.

7. Your friend's favorite T-shirt.

8. Debates over whether it was OK for them to wear eyeliner.

9. Collecting the best CDs.

10. And all the colors of the best bracelet.

11. Jumping on this at church camp.

12. Doing your devotions from this.

13. Being so excited when Sixpence None the Richer "crossed over."

14. Witnessing with the Roman Road.

15. Tooling around town with your friends in one of these.

16. Signing one of these.

17. Knowing he had nothing to do with automobiles.

18. Having these hand signals down pat.

19. Seeing your Christian classmates At The Pole.

20. Moshing (politely) at an OC Supertones concert:

21. Having to wait to eat your food at a restaurant until saying grace.

22. Comparing purity rings with your friends.

23. Having some DEFINITELY non-Halloween fun at the fall festival.

24. Trying to get your parents to send you to this.

25. Or HERE.

26. No, here.

27. Having intense debates about this book.

28. The queen.

29. Kicking back with one of these mags.

While listening to Adventures in Odyssey, natch.

30. And of course, these hilarious guys.