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    29 Unsolved Mysteries From Your Childhood

    Life is a deep, unknowable void.

    1. What evil powers turned this cheeseburger into a robot?

    2. Where did the temple guards take the first kid they caught while the second kid did the temple?

    3. Why did no one warn Captain Planet that his green mullet made him look like Billy Ray Cyrus?

    4. What did the Bananas in Pajamas wear to bed?

    5. Who were all those people paging you on your Bubble Beeper?

    6. Was Mother Nature deeply angry about these?

    7. Why was this so fun?

    8. Will anything ever be more suspenseful than this?

    9. Where DID Ghostwriter come from?

    10. Why didn't Clarissa's window have screens?

    11. Would pants ever get any cooler than this?

    12. What gave these their magical healing powers?

    13. Why was looking through this such a good way to figure out which of your friends was coolest?

    14. What happened to putting yourself through college with these?

    15. Why was everything better when it was written in this?

    16. Why did the Pizza Head show get canceled?

    17. Why wouldn't your mom let you wear this outfit?

    18. How did all the popular kids know about the JanSport backpack?

    19. Why would anyone make a CD player without skip protection?

    20. Why was this the world's greatest headband?

    21. If you drank this, would you die?

    22. Why didn't these come any higher?

    23. Would Alex Mack and Ray have ever realized they were soul mates?

    24. Would you ever achieve the same amount of coolness as this guy?

    25. What happened to all that gum that stayed in your stomach for 7 years?

    26. Why did this sharpen pencils so much cooler?

    27. How could one bear look so snazzy in a hat?

    28. Did the grapes that didn't escape go to grape heaven?

    29. What kind of magic made Shamu able to live at all the Sea Worlds at the same time?