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29 Underrated Things About Being In Your Late Twenties

Ooooh, is that Riesling??

1. You can brag about how much sleep you got, not about how late you were out partying.

2. You have a hard time getting worked up about Miley Cyrus.

3. Your parents start telling you all the good family secrets that you were too young to know about before.

4. Staying in to read is now something you actually look forward to.

5. You're the last generation to remember life before the internet. CHERISH THOSE MEMORIES.

6. When you find out someone was gossiping about you, you're like:

7. Your friends are your *real* friends, because you've whittled out everyone who's just a phony hanger-on.

8. You drink less so you can avoid your newly intense hangovers, which means you save money.

9. And you realize that waking up the morning after *not* drinking feels AMAZING.

10. You're glad that when you were growing up, Oreos only came in Oreo flavor.

11. Setbacks don't bother you as much as they used to.

12. You can't wait to do nothing on the weekends. LITERALLY NOTHING AT ALL.

13. Halloween costumes tend to be more clever than "sexy cat."

14. People respect you more than a 21-year-old because they assume you've got your act together. Even if you don't.

15. When you're tired, you'll just leave the party.

16. You've stopped lying about having seen a certain movie or read a certain book, because who cares.

17. You start to feel confident about your ability to keep a plant — or even a PET — alive.

18. You can officially declare that you're too old to sleep in a twin bed.

19. You don't have to pretend to like dubstep.

20. You finally appreciate your dad's corny jokes.

21. You realize that weddings are a really good excuse to get drunk in Adirondack chairs.

22. You barely remember parts of high school by now, and...that's kind of GREAT.

23. You've gotten bolder with crushes, and just flat-out tell people when you're into them. Most of the time, anyway.

24. When it comes to dating, you look for qualities besides "hot."

25. You can say no to bar crawls, because bar crawls ARE THE WORST.

26. You unapologetically wear what you want.

27. WINE.

28. You can legitimately be annoyed by teens.

29. You might not know exactly where your life is going, but you've realized that you're the captain of your own destiny — and that's pretty awesome.