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29 Awesome Things About Being 29

More like 29, flirty and thriving. *dances to Pat Benatar, makes out with Mark Ruffalo*

1. You just generally give less of a shit.

2. 11 p.m. has become a socially acceptable bedtime.

3. When you're around younger people, you can still claim "being in your twenties," but you can also hang around thirtysomethings with ease.

4. Craft beer is delicious.

And there's more of it now. (Not that you'll EVER be too old for a High Life.)

5. You can look back on your twentysomething heartbreaks as learning experiences, and not just soul-crushing acts of emotional sadism.

6. Gossip bothers you WAY less now.

Better to be talked about behind your back than never talked about at all, right?

7. You've made the extremely wise decision of investing in a memory-foam pillow.

If you haven't, consider it. Trust me!!

8. You don't feel the need to join every single new social media network.

I kind of hate the ones I'm already on TBH.

9. All your friends are just as tired as you are.

10. You have no problem telling people to go jump in a lake.

11. No one will judge you for ordering white wine at a bar.

That's right, I'M OLD, bitches.

12. You don't have to care about knowing what an "Avicii" is.

13. You're old enough to remember Friends.


14. Getting ready now takes <5 minutes.

I used to put on eyeliner to go to the gym! Twenty-nine-year-old me chortles greatly.

15. You spend less money on stupid stuff.

That work bonus is going into your savings account, not toward a fancy but superfluous gizmo.

16. You've stopped pretending that an ill-fated hookup can't mess with your emotions in the same way as a failed relationship.

17. You wear what's comfortable.

And not what's *~trendy.~*

18. You can refer to "college kids" as such, because kids they are.

19. You're willing to pay extra for a nice hotel room.

Helloooo, jacuzzi tub!

20. If you have a crush on someone, you just tell them.

21. You recall your early twenties...and wonder what the hell you were thinking.

Hindsight feels good, though.

22. You’ve stopped lying about having seen a certain movie or read a certain book.


No, I never read War & Peace. Whatevs.

23. Vacations don't have to involve any plans besides CHILLING TO THE MAX.

24. You've learned to take everything a lot less personally.

25. When one of your friends complains about their dating drama, you're just glad you don't put up with petty crap anymore.

26. You remember watching actual music videos on MTV and VH1.

27. You'll go to a bar by yourself without feeling weird.

28. The idea of having a kid — if you don't have one already — doesn't freak you out QUITE as much.

You might not feel ready to procreate, but you feel like you'd be a lot more prepared now than when you were 23.

29. You're not scared of turning 30, because you're more confident in who you are than ever!

...OK, maybe you're a *teensy* bit scared.