27 Undeniable Signs You Were A Dance Kid

Was there a law that every recital costume had to have sequins?

1. The phrase “let’s go across the floor” still fills you with fear.

2. You cut holes in all your regular tights to make them convertible.

3. You subconsciously practiced your tap moves in public places when your mom dragged you on boring errands…

4. And your fouettes at the airport.

5. There’s a photo like this hanging somewhere in your parents house.

6. You went through so many cans of hairspray making these.

7. This is what your closet looked like, and still kinda looks like.

I mean, you can’t just THROW THEM OUT, right?!

8. You’re not above eating on the floor, because that’s what you had to do backstage.

9. Glamour? Please, you know all about that.

11. You know there’s really nothing hotter than a guy in tights.

Quim Llenas / Getty Images

12. You had a weird crush on Peter Gallagher in “Center Stage.”

13. You owned a pair of fishnets at a young age.

14. You also owned fake glitter eyelashes.

15. You mastered the art of changing into your dance outfit in the back of your mom’s car.

16. You and your friends would choreograph dances after school “for fun.”

But it really was fun, actually.

17. You know how to break in pointe shoes, and you know that it’s spelled “POINTE.”

18. Getting a run in your tights is so NBD.

19. You recognize all of these designer names.

20. This doesn’t seem like a silly photo to you.

22. You worked on your tendus while waiting in the grocery store line.

23. You know this is an acceptable conversation starter.

24. Working in groups is a skill you’ve absolutely mastered.

25. This is something you know to be EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.

26. It took three of these to get all the makeup off your face after a recital.

27. And even though you’re ancient by dancer standards now, you still fantasize about being a ballerina someday.

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