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    27 Things That Happen On Every Episode Of "Four Weddings"

    WARNING: It's apparently illegal to have a wedding without a chocolate fountain.

    1. The steak will be too rare.


    2. Someone will comment on how the couple looks like "they have a special connection."

    Uh, yeah. It's their WEDDING.

    3. Aggressively sweet "signature drinks."

    4. A bride docking another points because "the dresses were pink and I personally don't like pink."


    6. A mashed potato bar (with martini glasses).

    7. Complaining about waiting in a buffet line.

    8. Confusion about someone else's religious ceremony.


    9. Complaining about the food being too spicy.

    10. Everything inevitably wrapped in bacon.

    11. General shade.

    12. Specific shade.

    13. Decor shade.

    14. Cleavage shade.

    15. Someone has an outdoor wedding in Florida.

    16. Someone has an outdoor wedding in Arizona.

    17. Complaining about the "uplighting."

    18. So much cotton candy.

    19. SO many chocolate fountains.


    21. A groomsman will get drunk and take his shirt off.

    22. Everyone hating on the centerpieces.

    23. Cardboard cutouts of the couple.

    24. A red carpet at a Hollywood-themed wedding.

    25. A choreographed dance.

    26. Advanced-level side-eye.


    27. ...And whoever wins is inevitably the bride who spent the most money.

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