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27 Sure Signs You Were In The I.B. Program

Someone to you: "Is that like AP classes?" You: *murderous rage*

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1. You took soooo many tests. You PAID to take tests. Tests, tests, tests.

IB exams and mock IB exams, PLUS your PSAT, SAT, SAT II's, ACT, *and* AP tests.

2. When someone asked if IB was "like AP classes?", you were like:


3. You attempted to do your extended essay on Dr. Seuss.

4. Your high school classmates got wasted at parties; you had discussions about philosophy.

5. Seven classes every semester. SEVEN CLASSES.

6. Your Jansport averaged 58 lbs, 6 oz.

7. Procrastination was your lifestyle choice.

8. This was your prom date.

9. When your non-IB friends complained about how much homework they had, you were just like:

10. You had a shirt that said:

11. You write a two page response to a one sentence question.

12. You realized Theory of Knowledge was kind of BS, but you loved it anyway.

13. 5 hours of sleep seemed like an amazing night of luxury.

14. You took your native language HL, because you knew what's up.

English HL FTW.

15. The "IB curve" was a true miracle sent from the heavens.

16. "Does this count for CAS hours?" was your classmates' most popular FAQ.

For shame!! Although you, uh, asked too.

17. You tied your tests together with string ties instead of staples.

18. You couldn't watch a movie without finding all the motifs and themes.

19. You started to suspect the IB dropouts were actually smarter than you.

20. Having to cut down the number of words in an essay was your greatest fear.

21. Everyone at your school "didn't like coffee," and you were just like:

Because you wrote your best extended essay paragraphs at 3 a.m.

22. Math HL: a surefire way to not get your diploma.

23. You dreaded your orals more than death.

24. You accidentally start typing emails in Latin.

25. Pi Day was practically a religious holiday at your school.

And everyone could count it out to 58 digits.

And everyone could count it out to 58 digits.

26. When your teacher in one of your SLs called on you:

27. But, you started college as an almost-junior because of all your course credit.


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