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    27 Chow Chow Puppies Too Fuzzy For Their Own Good

    It's not easy being "OMG so fluffy!"

    These guys who were told they'd never get a job with long hair like that.

    This guy who's tired of your squishing all the time.

    This puppy who reminds you, yet again, that she ISN'T too cute and small to be a real puppy.

    These guys who wish you'd take their play seriously instead of pinching their cheeks.

    These guys who think your baby talk is cute, but enough is enough.

    This aspiring actress puppy who is too adorable to get cast in any serious roles.

    This puppy who wishes you'd stop interrupting her research to tell her she's the "cutest widdle dog in the whole world!!!"

    This puppy who doesn't need your cute jokes about how she looks like she used too much fabric softener on herself.

    This puppy who just has more to love, OKAY??

    These guys who have work to do and can't cuddle with you ALL day.

    These guys who will only come to your birthday party if you promise not to pet them TOO much.

    This puppy whose hairdresser charges him extra for a haircut.

    These guys who can't ALL be nicknamed Fuzz Lightyear.

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