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    27 Brazen First World Anarchists

    EFF THA POLICE. (Inspired by this.)

    1. This soda punk:

    2. This person:

    3. This sock wearer straight outta Compton:

    4. Whoever did this:

    5. This park visitor who just don't care:

    6. This bathroom user:

    7. This person:

    8. The person who took this photo:

    9. This Carl's Jr. customer:

    10. This person:

    11. This person:

    12. This chip consumer:

    13. All of these rebels:

    14. Whoever posted a WHOLE BUNCH of bills:

    15. This guy:

    16. This person:

    17. The person touching this model village:

    18. This person:

    19. This toothpaste squeezer who knows punk's not dead:

    20. This sandwich maker:

    21. The person eating these Lunchables whenever they damn well please:

    22. This very independent contact lens wearer:

    23. This chair stacker:

    24. This guy:

    25. This person:

    26. This person:

    27. This person:

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