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    23 Things That Could Only Exist In Silicon Valley

    Besides startup bros.

    1. This sign:

    2. This banana with a QR code:

    3. This father and son on a Sunday "walk":

    4. This billboard:

    5. This cocktail-making robot:

    6. This complaining millionaire:

    7. This ad:

    8. This energy drink:

    9. This bus:

    10. This license plate:

    11. This child posing with a giant Droid:

    12. This sign:

    13. This ice cream flavor:

    14. This car:

    15. This restaurant:

    16. This church sign:

    17. These matching Teslas outside Google:

    18. This sweatshirt:

    19. This office rave:

    20. This "litter" on the side of the street:

    21. This job ad:

    22. This Barnes & Noble display:

    23. This real estate ad:

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