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23 Reasons "Planes, Trains And Automobiles" Is The Best Thanksgiving Movie Ever


As far as Thanksgiving movies go, your pickings are kind of slim. But THAT'S OK.

It's OK because the most flawless Thanksgiving film has already been made, and you can watch it this year and every Thanksgiving from now on:

Don't believe me? Here's proof!

1. Drinking minis in a motel room has never looked so fun.

2. This is probably your daily affirmation.

3. Because "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!" is still the funniest phrase of all time.

4. The car accident sequence has been burned into your brain for the rest of time.

5. And now that you're older, you relate to this scene so much more:

6. Because Del Griffith is the suavest shower curtain ring salesman you will ever meet.

7. Because Kevin Bacon played the guy Steve Martin raced for a cab.

8. That time we learned that Del's "dogs" were really barking.

9. Because no scene embodies NYC life more than this one:

10. Because this is how we all feel trying to deal with rental cars.

11. It gave us this excellent reaction GIF:

12. Because no actors could ever compete with Steve Martin and John Candy's range of facial expressions.

13. Because Steve Martin granted us the best gesture of all time.

14. And the best burns.

15. Because Del unabashedly reads The Canadian Mounted.

16. Ray Charles' "Mess Around" is still a great driving song, as long as you can stay focused.

17. Because this is how you feel all the time.

18. Because of this moment of clarity.

19. Because Doobie's Taxiola is infinitely better than any regular taxi.

20. Because you would have taken the two dollars and a Casio any day.

21. Because Del and Neal's friendship is totally inspiring...

22. And of course, it brought us the greatest catchphrase in movie history:

23. And this is the most touching movie ending ever.