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23 Problems Only Yoga People Understand

I'm just here for the savasana.

1. Dripping sweat onto your mat during a tough class, rendering it a Slip 'n' Slide.

2. Falling flat on your face during crow pose. (Ouch!)

3. When your mat starts doing this:

4. Having Lululemon tastes on a Target workout-section budget.

5. Feeling gross about how sweaty you are when your teacher touches you during an adjustment.

(Although you shouldn't -- they're used to it!)

6. Getting to class late and having nowhere to put your mat.

7. Falling asleep during savasana.

8. Getting distracted by that cute person in front of you in their cute yoga outfit.

9. Wobbling during Ardha Chandrasana.

10. Forgetting the Sanskrit names for asanas sometimes.

11. The outrageous stank of that one person who always shows up with terrible BO and unfurls their mat next to yours.

12. Handstands AWAY FROM THE WALL.

13. Tight hips.

14. Forgetting your towel during hot yoga.

15. Trying to square your hips in warrior one.

16. Carrying your mat around all day, especially on a crowded subway or train.

17. Foot cramps, which are legitimately the worst.

The pain is so acute, you usually have to stop your asanas for a few minutes.

18. Getting to class and your teacher's like, "Surprise! We're going to be doing partner yoga today, so pair up with a random stranger."

19. That one pose that you can just never get yourself to do.

20. Getting the giggles during lion pose.

21. When the teacher plays John Mayer during restorative poses and you're like, "Really?"

22. Comparing yourself to other people, even though you know you shouldn't.

23. Wanting to go to yoga every day, because your practice is such a blessing.

(And thus knowing that none of these are "real" problems.)

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