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22 Facts About '90s Teen Movies That Will Blow Your Mind


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1. She's All That was filmed at the same high school as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

2. The title 10 Things I Hate About You was meant to sound vaguely similar to The Taming Of The Shrew, the Shakespeare play that inspired its story.

3. Ryan Phillipe was so worked up after the slapping scene with Reese Witherspoon in Cruel Intentions that he ran off set and did a real, unscripted barf.

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4. To replicate an erection in one scene of American Pie, crew members cooked a sausage, stuck it on a pencil and wrapped it in aluminum foil. It was still warm when it was placed between Jason Biggs' legs.

5. Elijah Wood was supposed to star opposite Melissa Joan Hart in Drive Me Crazy, but producers thought he looked too young.

6. Alicia Silverstone actually didn't know how to pronounce "Haitians" in the classroom scene, but producers thought it was hilarious, didn't correct her and put in the movie.

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7. This Ford truck was not actually used in the movie.

8. James Van Der Beek was originally considered for the role of Luke McNamara in The Skulls.

9. The apple pie was from Costco.

10. Never Been Kissed was James Franco's film debut.

11. To keep Drew Barrymore looking scared and crying, Scream director Wes Craven kept telling her real life stories about animal cruelty.

12. The Dazed and Confused cast drank real beer for most of their scenes.

13. M. Night Shyamalan reportedly did a script polish for She's All That.

14. Claire Danes' hair was a wig.

15. Aaron Sorkin rewrote this script before production.

16. Lois Duncan, author of the book I Know What You Did Last Summer, has declared openly that she hates this movie.

17. In the "peeing on a tree" scene in Linda's yard in Election, Matthew Broderick is actually urinating.

18. In Idle Hands, when Anton is afraid and trying to search his house, he pushes his dog into the hallway before him. During this scene, the dog has an erection.

19. Can't Hardly Wait was Jason Segel's film debut.

20. Marilyn Manson had a cameo in Jawbreaker, mostly because he was engaged to cast member Rose McGowan at the time.

21. Melissa Joan Hart turned down the role of Jennifer.

22. Wild Things originally had a scene with Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon showering together.

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