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21 True Struggles Of Floridians Who Move Out Of State

Why is this rain lasting ALL DAY???

1. Not having literally any winter clothes.

2. Or even a coat.

3. A soul-crushing lack of Publixes.

4. Learning to do your hair in a non-95% humidity environment.

5. Disney is no longer a three-hour car ride away.


7. Buying these for the first time.

8. Cuban coffee is just NOT the same.

9. And these are much harder to find. :(

10. Adjusting to real seasons, not just "hot" and "slightly less hot."

11. Parallel parking is actually a thing you have to do now.

12. Everyone asking why you don't have a Southern accent if you're from the South.

13. Having huge stashes of shorts that you can only wear three months of the year now.

14. Not being able to jump in a backyard pool any time you want.

15. Hearing people freak out about Category 1 or Category 2 hurricanes.

16. Missing out on Christmas at the beach.

17. Gasping when you see a wild deer or bunny because we're used to ducks and lizards.

18. Rain lasts all day, not just for 10 minutes around 3 p.m.

19. Apartments don't just automatically come with central air-conditioning anymore...

20. ...or ceiling fans!

21. People constantly asking you why Florida is full of crazy people.

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