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    21 Signs You Stay Up Too Late

    Sleep is for people who DON'T have Netflix.

    1. You wake up with an Amazon cart full of stuff you don't remember adding.

    2. Every night:

    3. Your friends send you worried replies asking why your email was time-stamped "03:56 a.m."

    4. You've bookmarked all the takeout places that will deliver 24 hours a day.

    5. ...or you always have a jar of peanut butter and a spoon on hand, because you know that's what you'll be eating at 1 a.m.

    6. Getting this message never ceases to offend you.

    7. When someone complains about having to pull an all-nighter, you're just like, "AMATEURS."

    8. Because seriously, you get your best ideas between 3 a.m. and dawn.

    9. You can't fall asleep without the bright, probably carcinogenic light from your phone glaring in your face.

    10. Your roommate/significant other no longer thinks it's weird to find you boiling water for pasta at 2 a.m.

    11. You're immune to worrying about those weird creaks and moans your house makes at night.

    12. The only people on Twitter with you are your British friends, tweeting about their breakfasts.

    13. When everyone comments on your early morning Facebook updates, you're just like:

    14. You watch more infomercials than actual TV, because that's all that's on when you decide to channel surf.

    15. You've gone to places of Wikipedia you've never even dreamed.

    16. Your late-night candy habit is NOTHING to joke about.

    17. This is all too familiar to you.

    18. The Insomnia Cookies guy has your address memorized.

    19. Caffeine doesn't even have an impact on you anymore.

    20. When you finally WANT to go to bed, your brain ends up analyzing every embarrassing social moment you've had since age 14.

    21. And then when morning comes: