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21 Reasons Your Mom Is The Best Friend Ever


When your friends complain about their moms calling them all the time...

You're confused, because you talk to your mom every day.


You can confide in her about anything:


No matter how bad of a day you've had, your mom always thinks you can change the world.

She's the first person you text after a date...

...or a job interview.

...or for help when you try to cook literally anything.

She's your favorite vacation buddy.

(Yes, you can go on trips together and not want to kill each other by the end.)

You're not afraid to show each other some sass.

...and she knows how to crack you up.

In fact, you have more inappropriate conversations with her sometimes than you do with your friends.

You know your mom always has your back.

You talk to her about your relationships, because after all these years, you trust her advice.

You even borrow each other's clothes.

...and NO, that's not weird.

You know that because she loves you, she's not afraid to lay down the harsh truths.

You go shopping together:

...and she knows the way to your heart.

When someone says it's weird that you're so close to your mom, you're just like:

Because despite what some people might think, your mom's not trying too hard to do this:'s just that the older you get, the more you realize she's your hero, and true friend, for life.

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