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    21 Reasons You Should Definitely Drink More Beer

    Not like you need convincing.

    1. It keeps your kidneys healthy.

    2. It has fiber.

    3. The White House brews its own beer.

    Drinking beer is patriotic. Every time you finish a pint, you're basically Lee Greenwood.

    4. And POTUS himself has been known to enjoy a pint.

    5. Beer can boost your levels of B vitamins.

    6. If you're bored with normal brews, there are tons of fun varieties to try.

    7. Beer has a rich history: It's one of the oldest beverages that humans have produced.

    8. Beer even hydrates "slightly better" than water.

    9. It's good for your bones.

    10. There are 400 different types of beer.

    11. Beer floats are DELICIOUS.

    12. A chemical compound in hops contains antiviral properties.

    13. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and James Madison were all beer brewers and drinkers.

    14. Because you're going to need a bunch of empties to make this cool beer chandelier.

    15. ...or some of these cool goblets.

    16. It could be good for your future political career.

    17. There are giant floating space clouds full of BEER.

    18. Guinness is actually a light beer.

    19. Beer is feminist.

    20. It helps you sleep.

    21. And finally, beer is delicious and refreshing.