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19 Pictures Of Candy That Will Make You Say "That's Weird"


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1. This M&M that's just layers of shell.

2. This KitKat that is SOLID CHOCOLATE.

3. These blue Peeps with their eyes on backward.

4. This Three Musketeers bar that's...just the nougat. 😬

5. These "football" Reese's Cups that are just the EASTER EGG ONES in different packaging.

6. This candy that OMG HAS A FACE:

7. These Nerds that have fused into one sedimentary Nerd.

8. And this CLEAR NERD.

9. This Butterfinger that has no chocolate coating.

10. And this Reese's that comes with NO PEANUT BUTTER AT ALL.

11. These British candies that are all white, no matter the flavor, because they don't use artificial coloring.

12. This Skittle, or...Gkittle.

13. This M&M that turned out to be 100% candy coating.

What does it taste like??

What does it taste like??

14. A Swedish Sour Patch Fish.

15. This Kinder Egg that comes with TWO layers of chocolate.

16. And this M&M that came out as a tube.

17. This gummy Darth Vader head that mysteriously popped up in a bag of regular fruit snacks.



18. This fun-size pack of Skittles that came with only yellow ones (NOT very fun).

19. This Reese's Cup that came with SIXTEEN extra cups.



20. This starlight mint that went for a spin.

21. And these M&Ms that separated from their candy shells in the rain.

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