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20 Sentences Every Grad Student Has Uttered

Besides the most common refrain: "I'm so, so tired."

1. "School comes before sex."

2. "Whew, that reading assignment only took me six hours instead of eight."

3. To your nieces and nephews: "I'm kind of in the 20th grade."

4. "I've really been meaning to get started on my thesis."

5. "I can't relax because every time I try, I feel so guilty."

6. "No, it's OK, I'll just bring my reading to the bar."

7. "Of course, professor, let me explain this part of my prospectus to you."

8. "This coffee shop needs about 100 more power outlets."

9. "I've been up for long enough that this actually counts as my first coffee of TODAY."

10. "I don't remember what it's like to read for fun."

11. "Does anyone know if there are any free lunch speakers today?"

12. "Actually it's not 'just like' more undergrad."

13. "I've lost the ability to love!"

14. "But [author]'s primary assertion is problematic."

15. "I live in this library."

16. "The TA's hours changed AGAIN!!!"

17. "How many Red Bulls should you have in a day?"

18. "I'm going to kill whoever checked out the book I need from the library."

19. "I never know what day it is anymore."

20. "What did you get on that test?"