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    19 Things Every Mixed Vegetarian And Nonvegetarian Couple Will Understand

    "Do you want to just make pasta for dinner again?"

    1. You're going to be sharing a vegetarian appetizer at the restaurant. You just are.

    It's OK — it will probably involve cheese.

    2. You will make a LOT of homemade pizzas together.

    It's the easiest "lowest common denominator" meal.

    3. Taco Night is also your favorite holiday.

    Add your own protein! The meat can stay totally separate.

    4. If you're the meat eater, you are contractually obligated to secretly eat the meat portion of the vegetarian's dinner at a wedding.

    When there are no other options, but you don't want to waste food or seem rude.

    5. And if you're the vegetarian, you are hereby obligated to order nonveggie dishes with the meat on the side, so the meat eater gets a free treat.

    Bacon for two!

    6. If you don't have kids together yet, you think a lot about whether you'd raise them vegetarian or not.

    "I wouldn't want to force a lifestyle on them."

    "But I mostly cook veg at home, so..."

    "But what if they want a Happy Meal??"

    7. When you're grocery shopping, the vegetarian will peace out when it's time to hit the meat section.

    See ya, good luck with that.

    8. ...and also when it's time to put the meat in the fridge at home.

    9. You would both never set foot at a BBQ without veggie burgers in tow.

    Keys, wallet, phone, Gardenburgers.

    10. You'll both learn to enjoy vegetarian restaurants.

    11. But if you think a restaurant made a mistake with your order and there *is* actually meat in something, the meat eater can always try it out to confirm.

    "Does this taste like anchovy to you?"

    12. If you live together, the vegetarian may not be able to handle certain smells.

    ABC / Via

    Bacon grease and egg frying may have to wait until someone's home alone.

    13. The meat eater will learn to be patient during the vegetarian's possibly complicated restaurant order.

    Columbia Pictures

    14. It's just easier if the vegetarian gets to pick the dinner place.

    That way they know there are ~options~.

    15. But that doesn't mean you can never go to a steakhouse.

    Vegetarians are masters at just sucking it up and finding something to eat.

    16. All broth that enters your kitchen will be in the form of veggie broth.

    17. The truest display of love is when the meat eater preps their family on their partner's vegetarianism before they come over for dinner.

    Awkward declining of chicken avoided!

    18. Sure, there's some gentle teasing back and forth...

    19. ...but at the end of the day, you respect each other's choices and wouldn't change a thing.