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    Posted on May 8, 2013

    19 Photos You'll Have To Explain To Your Kids One Day

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    1. What this place is for:

    2. What in the world you needed this for:

    3. Why this was something people actually hoped and dreamed about getting to experience:

    4. That this was once the coolest game:

    5. How this was the only way to order clothes:

    6. Why this phone had a hinge:

    7. That this was once the coolest GIF anyone had on their PC:

    8. This, which kicked off an entire era:

    9. Why writing "%n" made you crack up:

    10. This way of playing music on your computer:

    11. Why your parents gave you one of these when you went to camp:

    12. That this was how you found out about restaurants and hair salons:

    13. Why this phone didn't let you know who was calling:

    14. What these people are doing:

    15. This and why it was so crucial:

    16. That these prices are, yes, for gas:

    17. That this was a cool laptop:

    18. What this is:

    19. This:

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