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    17 Questionable Sexy Halloween Costumes


    1. Sexy Parakeet

    2. Sexy Husky

    3. "Office Tramp"

    4. Sexy Hulk Hogan

    5. Sexy Lo Mein

    6. Sexy DEA Agent

    7. Sexy Chewbacca (oh, sorry. "Sci-Fi Furry Costume")

    8. Sexy Corn

    9. "Penthouse Pet of the Year"

    10. Sexy Octopus

    11. Sexy CSI

    12. Sexy Jolly Rancher

    13. Sexy Tweety Bird

    14. Sexy Flamingo

    15. Sexy Jaeger shot

    16. Sexy "Choke the Chicken" costume

    17. Sexy Cherry Pie

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