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    14 Cats Being Subservient To Dogs

    The way the good Lord intended it.

    1. This cat who is careful to use just the right amount of pressure.

    2. This cat who makes an A+ tail resting pad.

    3. This cat who wouldn't DREAM of trying to be the outside spoon.

    4. This cat who totally lied on his personal assistant application about being cool under pressure.

    5. This cat who's doing a satisfactory job as this dog's personal tongue scratcher.

    6. This cat whose dancing needs some work if it's going to impress the boss.

    7. This cat who makes a decent scratching post.

    8. This cat who, bless his heart, is trying so so hard.

    9. This cat who'd better get the knots out or she's not getting a tip.

    10. This cat who works hard as this dog's personal teeth brusher.

    11. This cat who knows better than to not serve dessert.

    12. This kitten who's learned to be an excellent hairdresser.

    13. This cat who makes an OK blanket.

    14. This cat who just wants to absorb some canine awesomeness by osmosis.

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