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    Posted on Aug 8, 2013

    13 Things That Are So "The Raven"


    1. Pondering while weak and weary on a dreary midnight.

    Flickr: brianhenrythompson / Creative Commons

    2. Reading forgotten lore.

    Flickr: mikko_luntiala / Creative Commons

    3. Pining over someone named Lenore.


    4. Hearing freaky tapping at your door, even though it's the middle of December. WTF

    5. The silken sad uncertain rustling of purple curtains.

    6. Fantastic terrors never felt before.

    7. Making up a fun poem and yelling it at the tapping sound to express your terror.

    8. Giving up and going back inside, only to hear it start tapping again. OMG NO

    9. Opening the window and watching a bird fly in and then watching it sit on a bust of Pallas.

    10. Asking the bird for its name like it's a person, but all it says is "nevermore."


    11. Saying some more stuff and it STILL says "nevermore."


    12. Yelling A BUNCH OF FLIPPIN' STUFF AT THE RAVEN and it STILL says "nevermore."


    13. Losing your shit and pretending you're trapped under the raven's shadow forever because you're a total drama queen.

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