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    13 People Who Need To MOVE

    Excuse me, could you please not stand there? Thanks.

    1. Pole leaners.

    2. People who get in the left lane and then just chill out.

    3. Tourists, anywhere.

    4. People who stop at the top of the subway stairs to check their phones.

    5. Drivers who tailgate you with their brights on.

    6. People who stand in front of the elevator doors and refuse to budge.

    7. Slow walkers.

    8. Lane straddlers.

    9. People who sit like this on the subway or bus.

    10. People who move at a snail's pace because they're staring at their phones.

    11. People who slowly drag huge luggage behind them on crowded streets.

    12. Drivers who get in the center turn lane and drive, like, half a mile.

    13. People who stand in the middle of the sidewalk to have a conversation.

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