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13 Awesome Gifts To Give On Valentine's Day Instead Of Flowers

Roses wilt, which is a huge bummer. Here are some tokens of love that will stand the test of time and stuff.

1. A sassy tote that also gives back.

These totes from bottledBrooklyn would make cute gifts for your (newly, maybe) unattached friends. A portion of every product sold is donated to World Food Program USA.

2. A random act of kindness.

3. Show some love for endangered animals.

4. Donate to V-Day.

5. Run a charity race together.

6. This cute Valentine's Day print.

7. Give the gift of an animal through Heifer International.

8. Go with fair-trade chocolate.

9. Plant a tree in their name. (Well, someone plants it for you. Even better.)

10. Support shelter animals.

11. Make a different kind of wedding registry.

12. Let him or her donate to a charity of choice -- for free.

13. And if all else fails, get drunk for a good cause.