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    11 Things Your Bartender Won't Tell You

    How long do those lemons and limes REALLY sit out? BuzzFeed talked to real bartenders to find out their secrets, tips, and tricks for getting your booze on.

    1. Get served more quickly in a crowded bar by flashing your cash. Maybe.

    2. Don't send a drink back — just don't.

    3. Eek — the glasses aren't always as clean as you'd hope.

    4. You shouldn't feel bad about tipping on your credit card.

    5. But if you're buying just one drink, try to pay in cash.

    6. Those lemons and limes sit out all day.

    7. There are some drinks that bartenders hate making.

    8. Here's how much to REALLY tip.

    9. It's possible to get free drinks, as long as you're not a d-bag about it.

    10. Don't be one of these most annoying customers.

    11. Finally, it never hurts to buy your bartender a drink.