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10 Things Every Woman Looks Amazing In

Brb, printing this out and taping it to my closet doors.

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1. A cashmere sweater.

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

They're cozy, soft to the touch and classic, which means you can wear the same one for years to come. And, you can usually score cashmere cheap if you scour the sale racks.


7. A trench coat.

Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Perfect for spring and fall, a classic trench defines your figure like no other outerwear. (Cinching the belt at your waist will make your silhouette look gorgeous.)

8. Minimal makeup.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Don't worry if you're not a red lipstick person! While a smoky eye and bright lip work for the right event and outfit, you can never go wrong by letting your natural beauty do its thing.