51 Things That Will Give "Old Millennials" Immediate Childhood Flashbacks

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    1. The best game in the whole world.

    2. Drinking milk from these Garfield cups.

    3. And these Welch's jelly cups.

    4. The "Chicken of the Sea" incident heard 'round the world.

    5. Waiting hours to download smashmouth-allstar.mp3 off Limewire, and then finding out it wasn't even the right version.

    6. This design on every paper cup.

    7. Running around the grocery store trying to find all of these.

    8. Stick Stickly.

    9. This amazing book:

    10. Voting for Jesse Camp even though you thought Dave knew way more about music.

    11. Searching things on Alta Vista (the *smartest* search engine).

    12. Sitting on hamburger seats at McDonald's.

    13. Woodgrain VHS holders.

    14. All the controversy over this video.

    15. The Littlest Pet Shop turtles.

    16. Procrastinating on your homework by watching Homestar Runner.

    17. This Nestle Quik container.

    18. The cool kids at school having bead lizard key chains.

    19. Having tubes of M&M's Minis at school.

    20. This Tupperware pitcher (complete with Kool Aid stains).

    21. And this Snoopy Sno-Cone maker.

    22. Writing about your crush and choosing a sappy song for "Currently listening:" on your Xanga.

    23. Crayola Mini Stampers.

    24. This sweet, sweet sound.

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    25. Hurting your fingers trying to test these:

    26. Seeing this before every VHS movie (and getting nervous. The FBI!)

    27. Feeling like you would DIE to own a piece of the Aggro Crag.

    28. Using this change machine at Chuck E. Cheese.

    29. And the board game SPLAT!

    30. The Ghostwriter episode where Lenni made a music video.

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    You gotta belieeeeeeve and reach for the skyyyyyy.

    31. Beating your sibling at playground Tic-Tac-Toe.

    32. The Windows '95 solitaire card decks.

    33. Going to the BEST store in the mall.

    34. Being obsessed with Supermarket Sweep.

    35. These scary little guys.

    36. Going to see Titanic multiple times in theaters.

    37. The Pizza Party game.

    38. And finding those little Mastermind pieces everywhere.

    39. Watching "Local on the 8s" on The Weather Channel.

    40. All the frenzy over the Princess Diana Beanie Baby.

    41. Being a proud member of the Subway Sub Club.

    42. Bath & Body Works Art Stuff products.

    43. These cold, hard lab tables.

    44. Taking photos of your friends on a digital camera and manually uploading them from the memory card.

    45. The RealPlayer popping up on your screen every. 10. Seconds.

    46. How your parents tricked you into doing yardwork:

    47. How you WERE going to marry JTT, Topanga from Boy Meets World, or one of the Hansons.

    48. Getting all sticky from these.

    49. These incredible books:

    50. Getting mad when you turned on Nickelodeon and this was on.

    51. And Viennetta ice cream (with the fancy people eating it out of wine glasses in the commercial).