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    People Talked About What It's Really Like To Be A Middle Child

    The forgotten ones?

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    If you're a middle child, you may agree that you can sometimes feel a bit...forgotten.


    At least that's how a lot of middle siblings tend to feel. So, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    Watch these middle children debate if being a middle child is the best or the worst!

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    This is Diana, and she's the second child in her family.


    She said that when it came to her relationship with her parents, they kind of assumed that she would be okay.

    And this is Onyi, who is one of five kids.


    Destinee became a middle child when her dad remarried and had her younger sister.


    She was tasked with taking care of her baby sister by setting an example but...what about her?

    Destinee remembered going to her 6th-grade dance, and being the last one waiting to be picked up. Awww!


    "Would they have done that to my younger sister? Absolutely not."

    She said she would fight for her brother's attention, while he fought for the attention of their little sister.


    Kirby falls right smack in the middle between an older brother and a younger sister.


    She said she totally identified with Stephanie Tanner's character in Full House when she was growing up.

    She often gets teased by her siblings about how clean and organized she is.


    She said her brother and sister sometimes don't get things done, because they know she'll be there to pick up their slack.

    Diana had some simple advice: "When the middle child tells you something, believe them...there's a lot of things that the middle child is just trying to get across."


    She said the worst part about being in the middle was that, in her case, she somehow ended up being the third wheel amongst her siblings.

    Kirby also had a simple message to older and younger siblings everywhere on behalf of middle children:


    "Just ease up on the middle children a little bit. We've very sensitive. We just wanna love you. We just want you to love us."

    Acting and singing in school plays became Kirby's go-to tactic to getting her parents' attention.


    She said her parents would have to watch her perform so she would inevitably get all the attention those days. Genius.

    Destinee said her tactic to get her parents' attention was to become an athlete and play every sport so they would have to attend her games.


    "You are gonna watch me, and you are gonna watch me be great!" Yasssss.

    So, being the middle child does come with some perks, according to Destinee. She said she could kind of fly under the radar when nobody was paying attention.


    For Gloria, it was more about making a statement and being unique.


    She pointed to being the first in her family to move away and go to college, as well as being a vegetarian as some examples.

    Both Onyi and Kirby agreed that mediating, or bringing the family together, is a skill they feel they totally posess as a middle sibling.


    Onyi said his family would expect him to be the one making sure they're all laughing, joking, and having fun.

    Now that everyone is older, they can all agree that their relationships with their siblings have evolved, and everyone gets along on another (slightly more mature) tip.


    Because for most of us, not only are our siblings our family, but they're also our best friends.