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Questions We Have About 'The Fosters' Season 5

Freeform (RIP ABC Family) just released a promo for the latest season of The Fosters, which premieres on July 11th. Naturally, I watched it immediately, because a) the last season finale left off with a bunch of different plotline cliffhangers, and b) I love The Fosters and even though the most recent season(s) haven’t been totally up to par, I’ll still gobble up any content they throw my way. The Freeform marketing division knows who their audience is, let’s be real. The promo (found here) looks dramatic and awesome, and it left me with just a few questions about Season Five...

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Will Callie and Diamond escape?

When we left Callie and Girls United newbie Diamond, they were in custody of Diamond's former pimp in a sleazy motel, yet another situation Callie had gotten herself into with a half-baked plan for how someone (Stef) would save her. Unfortunately, her cell phone is no longer anywhere nearby, and that's exactly how Stef's trying to track her daughter down. In the promo, we see a made-up Callie and Diamond running out of the motel, so fingers crossed they make it safely...!

Related, will Callie ever learn?

Seriously, this girl needs to stop making bad choices that are ruining her life, choice by choice.

What will happen with Anchor Beach Charter School?

In Season Four's finale, the school board of ABCS had just voted to go private, despite Lena's moving speech and the students' protest (led by Mariana and Jude) outside the meeting. In the Season Five promo, we see some adults (probably the douchebag temp assistant principal who got Monty fired and orchestrated the entire private school move), trying to break through the students' protest—possibly shoving Jude aside. What'll happen with the protest? The school? And will Judicorn get hurt? I will NOT be okay with that!

Will Jesus survive his rage blackout?

Jesus finally found out about Emma's abortion, and that Brandon knew about it the whole time—cementing his deepest, darkest fears that his girlfriend and his brother have a secret together. He was...not happy. And immediately ran away from the protest (and Emma and Brandon). The promo shows him running again, and eventually destroying Brandon's keyboard with a baseball bat, while a voiceover Lena talks about someone's symptoms and the fact that he may not get better. It sure sounds like she's talking about her middle son! I'm pretty concerned about Jesus, since his head injury could flare up at any moment and leave him in even worse shape. Here's hoping he can calm down and also, you know, talk it out with Emma and Brandon.

Will Stef get shot...again?

It seems like Stef is always getting shot, or almost getting shot, or a promo shows her near a gun and ambulance lights flashing. So I sincerely hope none of the above happens during Season Five (or ever again). Mama Bear can't handle anymore gunshot wounds! (Actually, she probably could. Stef can handle anything.)

And finally, what drama awaits the Adams-Fosters this season?

This show is full of drama, and I'm sure Season Five will be no different. Family drama, relationship drama, school drama, legal drama (CALLIE)...this show's got it all, and it'll probably all come out full-force in the latest season. Why wouldn't it?

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