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5 Buddy Comedies That Need To Be Remade Starring #Flaritza

Diane Guerrero and Jackie Cruz, AKA Maritza and Flaca (#Flaritza) on Orange is the New Black, not only play BFFs on OITNB—they're also pretty tight friends IRL (thanks to the show—check out Guerrero’s memoir, In The Country We Love: My Family Divided, for the story of how they first met, and also because it’s a great read). These two have incredible onscreen chemistry (it’s obvious that they love each other for real), and with their best friendship in possible jeopardy on OITNB, here are five potential vehicles to keep these two in cahoots both on and off screen for years to come. Cast #Flaritza in all the buddy comedy remakes, Hollywood (we know you’re all about remakes these days)—please!

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21 Jump Street

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Okay, Cruz and Guerrero are both long out of high school, but they could both pass for cops going undercover as high school students. And sure, this franchise already has a reboot and a reboot sequel under its’ belt, but Hollywood is all about remakes these days—why not gender flip this one and give us #Flaritza in the starring roles? Throw in another Johnny Depp cameo, plus a brief Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum sighting, and I smell $ucce$$.

Laverne & Shirley

@dianeguerrero_ / Via

This one’s not a movie, but as 21 Jump Street proves, it’s totally possible to remake a classic TV show into a full-length feature film. Or it could just be remade as a TV show. And judging by the above Instagram post by Guerrero, the 1970s comedy about two best friends living and working together in Milwaukee is already on her mind when it comes to thinking about her and Cruz’s friendship. It’s a natural fit! Now, who should play Lenny and Squiggy?

Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

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This feels like a no-brainer. Do I even need to elaborate?

Okay, just in case you aren’t yet convinced, this movie starts with best friendship on a pedestal and raises it even higher up by the movie’s end. It’s pure fun and pretty perfect as it is, so a reboot is hardly necessary, but why the hell not? It would be 100% delightful with Guerrero and Cruz in the titular roles (who would be Romy and who would be Michele? Discuss in the comments.). Throw in Natasha Lyonne as Janeane Garafalo’s extra-dry loner girl, and you’ve got remake gold here.

(Wo)Men in Black

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Not only would Cruz and Guerrero look fly as hell in some expertly tailored black suits—OITNB Season Five proved that they can wear anything and look good—but it’s also not hard to imagine them kicking some serious alien butt. Would I trust these two special agents to save the world? Yes. Yes, I would.

Bride Wars

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This is a terrible movie that I’ve somehow seen more than once and that made me cry on at least one of those occasions. Yes, I’m embarrassed. No, I can’t explain it. I don’t want to look too deep into myself to even try and explain it. But personal issues aside, something tells me that this movie—as cheesy and as wedding-industrial-complex obsessed as it is—could be moderately-to-greatly improved if Cruz and Guerrero take over as the warring brides. No disrespect to Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson; I like them both. But watching the two real-life besties turn full frenemy could add a new and much-needed layer to this fluffy film.

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