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    15 Signs That You're A Seasoned Dog Owner

    Sure, we've all used our 15-minute breaks Googling playful puppies, but our love for man's best friend goes beyond perusing the web. Our love ends up back home to a patient pup awaiting our warm embrace in exchange for incalculable wet kisses.

    1. You've given up on Windexing your windows.

    Iowa Dog Blog / Via

    And you've artfully explained to others that it's just your dog's "nose art."

    2. The dog hair that lines your clothes is totally not a big deal.

    German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County / Via

    But you keep spare lint rollers in your car, in your desk at work, and in your nightstand just in case you need to look presentable at any given time.

    3. You can't help but offer an apology to the mailman every day after a barking bout ensues.

    Pet Sit USA / Via

    The mailman's used to it. But he still cringes when he sees your dog stalking him through the window.

    4. You have a scripted answer when people ask what your dog's name, breed, and age are.

    Loki the Shiba Blog / Via

    "Lucky/Chihuahua/2 years"

    "Rocky/Pitbull/8 months"

    "Angel/Corgi/4 years"

    It's the A/S/L equivalent of the dog park.

    5. You celebrate two anniversaries: birthdays and "gotcha" days.

    Flickr / Via Flickr: azolotusky

    They hate the party hats, but they love the cake!

    6. Vacations and business trips are planned around your pup.

    Pioneer Local/Camp Bow Wow / Via

    If the hotel isn't pet friendly or you can't book a doggie day care, that trip is a no-go.

    7. You've learned to stash a little cash away for those costly unexpected trips to the vet.

    Wikimedia Commons / Via

    And you'd pay any amount of money to have them feeling better.

    8. You can't resist stopping by the pet store to grab a goodie for your dog on the way home.

    Dogster / Via

    Add it to the massive toy box that sits in the corner of the living room.

    9. Your top priority in amenities for a potential apartment is if it's deemed "pet friendly."

    People With Pets / Via

    Extra points if there are no restrictions.

    10. You often explore hashtags with your dog's breed to see if you spot a look-alike.

    Via Instagram

    And you follow users you find through the hashtag to keep up with their daily postings of their pups.

    11. You can't remember the last time you had a happy hour after work instead of coming straight home to your pup.

    NYU Local / Via

    And friends have stopped asking you to join because they know you'll make up some excuse that has to do with your dog.

    12. The dog park is like your "Cheers."

    InMelo / Via

    And not only does "everybody know your name," but everybody also knows your dog's name. And you know every dog's name.

    13. You've accepted the fact that your dog's haircut will cost more than your own.

    Tiny Teacup Yorky / Via

    And after failed attempts in at-home grooming, it's better to just let the professionals take a crack at it.

    14. You know your meal will inevitably be shared.

    Heads up For Tails / Via

    So you automatically make an extra portion for each meal.

    15. You can't imagine loving anything or anyone more.

    Daily Mail / Via
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