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20 Things I Could Have Given You For Father's Day Other Than This Link

(pictures all curtesy of the Paredes GroupMe of course)

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2. A New Puzzle

...and a companion with whom to complete said puzzle. I know you love nothing more than to listen to a good playlist or an intriguing episode of Planet Earth and smack talk me with each piece you add to our masterpiece.

3. A 5 Minute Vacation

Complete with chips and guac, of course. The establishment of five minute vacations all those years ago have inspired this whole family to reimagine what a mundane night can be like. With a California breeze, fresh fruit, and a group of people who love each other all home for the summer, Hawaii isn't even necessary.

4. A Renewed National Parks Pass

The mountains are calling, and you must go. Yosemitelust may be in my nature, but I have nurture to blame as well. Thank you for reminding me to breathe in the thin pine air, go climb a rock, and yawp from the top.

5. A Spot in Another Marathon

For most people, this proposed gift would be a practical joke or some cruel and unusual punishment, but you would enjoy it. And I admire you for it; I always have. You like to work hard, set new challenges, and beat the competition (personal bests set by a younger Andy, of course)

7. A Trip to Somewhere Interesting

You're at your best when you're learning, and travel happens to provide many opportunities for just that! Too bad you're not going anywhere cool in the next two years, though.

11. A Breakfast Cafe Date

It's never the food or the coffee that makes a good Breakfast Cafe morning, though that salsa sure doesn't hurt. But those lingering conversations and those people are what make it for you.

12. Quality Time

You don't ask for much as a pops. You're selfless, goofy, insightful, intelligent, humble, warm, and kind. You give your love, time, and energy as generously as you give your smiles. So let me assure that I do not offer my time with you as a favor to you, but to myself :)

13. A Father's Day Card

...though I think this serves the same purpose. Thanks for being my friend, mentor, role model, and puzzle buddy. You've set the bar high for all other men in my life (not fair, I know) and have taught me how to respect myself and respect others. I am grateful to you today and every day! I love you, Pops, and wish you the happiest Father's Day!

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