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    28 Best-Selling Things From Wayfair Anyone With A New Home Should Check Out

    Moving may suck, but now at least you'll have everything you need for your new digs.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wide, square-armed sofa that's sleek and simple enough to fit in with any decor. This elegant piece can fit all of your guests (once we're able to have them again), or simply provide enough stretch-out room for an afternoon nap.

    The couch

    2. A lift top coffee table because no matter the size of your home, storage is key. Create a tabletop for working from home or for your delivery and Netflix binge...we've certainly done it.

    3. A set of low profile, nesting tables that will bring some cool mid-century modern flair to your living room without taking up much space.

    Nesting tables

    4. A sleek, mid-century modern inspired TV console with storage so you can keep all your gadgets in one place without sacrificing style.

    The TV stand

    5. A set of two armchairs that will suit a variety of aesthetics without taking up much space. Cozy up in these classic-looking chairs with a good book or an evening of serious swiping.

    The two upholstered arm chairs in mustard yellow

    6. A 60" reading/floor lamp with a bowl-shaped shade that will shine a light on your space and style. This sleek light has serious Mad Men vibes, so why not enjoy a cocktail nearby?

    The lamp

    7. A wooden ladder shelf to easily show off your books and trinkets. Keep it classy by using the cabinet to protect your first editions or hide your liquor.

    The ladder bookcase in dark brown

    8. A Southwestern-inspired area rug that will really tie the room together. With personality to draw the eye, this rug is also subtle enough that it won't overwhelm.

    The rug

    9. A drop-leaf dining table that's sized to fit any space. This table has followed me to multiple apartments, and I'll open this square table for company or drop a section for a more intimate meal.

    The table

    10. A 30" artificial fig tree in a cute basket for all the leafy goodness without any of the responsibility.

    The plant

    11. A mid-century modern chair with mixed materials that can be used anywhere in your house. Snag this simple chair in a color that suits your style, or mix and match for a funky look.

    The chair

    12. A four-tier bakers rack/microwave cart for the chef with as many appliances as recipes. Please invite us over, we'll be happy to taste test whatever you're cooking up.

    Reviewer's picture of the cart with two bottom shelves, a flat top, four hooks for mugs, and a top shelf that is storing their kitchen appliances

    13. A 12-piece mix-and-match plate set for four, designed for the colorful kitchen. If you live with three roommates (we applaud your patience during the pandemic), give everyone their own special dish color.

    The dishes in yellow, red, blue, and green

    14. A compact kitchen cart with a stainless-steel top and plentiful storage for cozier kitchen. Roll it out to another room and use it as a serving station or bar cart.

    The kitchen cart

    15. A groovy, iridescent flatwear set that serves four people. This stainless steel 20-piece set is called "Spellbound" for a reason!

    The silverwear

    16. A 16-piece glassware set that's simple but elegant. Every house needs basics, but they don't have to be boring.

    The glasses

    17. A set of four stone mugs for your coffee, tea, soup or anything else that makes you feel warm and cozy. Mulled wine, anyone?

    The mugs

    18. A 12-piece cookware set to try out all those new recipes you saw on Instagram. We dare you not to create a feast with this handy and stylish set.

    The pots and pans

    19. An understated, three-panel headboard that will fit multiple bed sizes. We know, it'll be difficult to get out of a bed this comfy-looking.

    The headboard

    20. A set of vintage-inspired nightstands, because these simple nightstands are guaranteed to complement any decor and are an easy addition to a colorful space.

    Two nightstands

    21. A hanging, round accent mirror that comes in multiple sizes to fit any space in your home. Hang this classic-looking glass high to open smaller spaces.

    The mirror

    22. A set of two compact table lamps to sit atop your nightstand or end table. Choose a different color shade to create a pop of color in your room and forget about that ghastly overhead light.

    The table lamps

    23. A classic six-drawer double dresser with enough space for two people's clothes — or one particularly prolific shopper.

    The dresser

    24. A set of thermal blackout curtains that will also help reduce noise. These curtains are the perfect finishing touch for any room in your home and offer simplicity if you're like me and love a room with lots of colors and patterns.

    The curtains

    25. A hanging wardrobe for when you're short on closet space but not on style. A perfect purchase for a small apartment bursting with COVID purchases.

    The hanging wardrobe

    26. A cozy, 100% cotton 10-piece towel set with a chevron trim for adding extra flair to your bathroom or filling out your new linen cabinet.

    The towels

    27. A full-length floor mirror for a good look at your good-lookin' self. Go on, take a WFH #ootd selfie.

    The floor mirror

    28. A sweet coir wire doormat to make sure every entry and exit is welcomed. Style doesn't just have to be indoors, you know.

    The doormat with one side saying hello, and one side saying goodbye

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