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    21 Photos That Prove How Messed Up You Are

    Not like you weren't aware.

    1. Time to get the grill going!

    2. Someone's ready for a pedicure...

    3. Sometimes horseplay with your friends can be A LOT of fun.

    4. Ah! The beautiful majesty of nature.

    5. What lovely pom-poms! On your mittens, of course.

    6. Watch your angles. They're very important.

    7. Um...this might sound weird, but that couch could smash, if it wanted to.

    8. Sometimes sexy poses don't work out the way you want them to.

    9. Okay...what's going on here?

    10. Just an adorable moment between a child and her father.

    11. A sparsely decorated hallway, or something more?

    12. That little scroll wheel on a mouse is so useful.

    13. Yum! Love a quality cut of meat.

    14. I bet that guy really prefers Coke over Pepsi.

    15. The times spent with close friends are the moments you'll treasure forever.

    16. When your dad ruins a good photo.

    17. Such a stylish lamp.

    18. This guy is a big fan of sunbathing.

    19. Makeup can make anyone look glamorous.

    20. It's never easy being a referee.

    21. The trick to taking a good photo is to pay attention to the shadows as much as the highlights.