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15 Times BuzzFeed Objectified Men During The World Cup

We have no one to blame but ourselves.

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1. When we ranked what needed to be ranked:

2. When we helped you answer the toughest question of them all:

3. When we singled out what needed to be singled out:

4. When we pointed out the obvious:

5. When we looked closely at the most important issues:

6. When we said what no one else would say out loud:

7. When we were telling the truth:

NBC Universal / Via

8. Over and over again:

9. When we spoke about the things that matter:

10. When we just wanted to give Lavezzi a shoutout:

11. And then we realized Olivier Giroud needed some loving too:

12. When we helped you lose some calories through this eye work out:

13. When we questioned what needed to be questioned:

14. When we wanted to share some very important pictures:

NBC Universal / Via

15. And finally, when we talked about the most important part of the World Cup:

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