11 Things You Need To Know About Costa Rica’s World Cup Team

The ticos are awesome!

1. Their jersey has the perfect balance of red and blue:

2. The country is located in Central America and has been called, “the happiest place on earth.


3. Their first World Cup appearance was in 1990:

Simon Bruty/Allsport

They did so well that they made it to the Knockout rounds.

4. Their best player ever was Hérnan Medford:

He scored a goal against Sweden in the 1990 World Cup, which resulted in qualification for the second round, Costa Rica’s best World Cup performance.

5. Sadly, they have never hosted a World Cup. But if they did, tourists would have an awesome time.


6. This will be their fourth time attending the World Cup.


7. Although they have never won a World Cup competition, they have a really solid team competing this year.

Juan Carlos Ulate / Reuters

8. Bryan Ruiz, the star of the team, is an amazing midfielder.

Juan Carlos Ulate / Reuters

He is also the team’s captain.

9. Just look at him score this goal!

FOX Sports


10. This year they are part of competitive Group D:

11. Their current coach, Jorge Luis Pinto, is confident that Costa Rica will surprise many at the World Cup.

The Associated Press

And we wish them the best of luck!

Their chances of winning this year:

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