22 Struggles You'll Recognize If You've Got An Average Body...Whatever That Means

    You'd say you've got an "average" body type, but WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!

    1. You can never relate to department store commercials because the models look nothing like you.

    2. But TBH you're not really a medium either because your weight fluctuates within that poor neglected abyss between small/medium and medium/large.

    3. You spend your days surfing the internet, desperately searching for novel fashion ideas and style advice.

    4. You can't buy clothes online because you know you have to try things on before you buy them.

    5. And sometimes, to avoid the frustration, you don't even go shopping at all.

    6. You hate taking photos because sometimes you never know what you're going to end up looking like.

    7. When someone tells you that you look "good" in a photo, it makes you happy, but afterward, the suspicions begin.

    8. People get sick of hearing about how you're not at your ideal weight.

    9. And it just doesn't make sense to you when your friends all say that they'd die to have your figure.

    10. Or when someone with a similar body as yours complains about not feeling good about their figure.

    11. You're always considering making changes to your diet.

    12. But after a few days of healthy eating, you're so beaten down that even the thought of a salad brings you to tears.

    13. Because deep down, you know the delicious, beautiful bliss that is high-calorie food.

    14. And besides, you get enough of a workout putting on your jeans in the morning as you would by going to the gym.

    15. Speaking of jeans, finding a good pair for your body is nearly impossible.

    16. So you almost always end up settling on jeggings instead.

    17. The very thought of swimsuit shopping is more stressful than finals, finding a job, and moving out of your parents' house combined.

    18. Your closet is full of dresses that accentuate your waist.

    19. And Spanx.

    20. The majority of your clothing needs more than a little adjustment to make it look good on you.

    21. The good thing is, you know these struggles are worth it, because you and your body are sensational.

    22. And when the blessed miracle of finding something that fits just right occurs, you feel like a goddess descended from Mount Olympus.

    This post was translated from Spanish.