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    Is This Shadow The Face Of Soccer Icon Lionel Messi?

    An investigation.

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    Is this the face of soccer superstar Lionel Messi manifesting itself in the shadow of BuzzFeed Español Editor, Conz Preti, who is also from Argentina? Yes, Yes it is.

    Here is the original photo:

    Dicen que en mi sombra se ve la cara de Messi... La ven?

    Conz Preti@conzFollow

    Dicen que en mi sombra se ve la cara de Messi... La ven?

    10:17 AM - 14 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    After Preti published this photo on her social media accounts, many agreed her shadow resembled Messi, including this Argentine publication.

    Here is a side by side comparison:

    Albert Gea / Reuters
    Conz Preti

    Do you see the resemblance? We certainly do.

    Preti says that someone commented on her Instagram photo and "pointed out" that her shadow resembled a face.

    "Later a friend commented: It actually looks like Messi. So I tweeted the image asking people if they thought that the shadow looked like him and people started freaking out at the resemblance."

    May his holiness be with all of us, forever.

    Conz Preti / Via Javier Moreno

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