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How The First Day Of Spring Feels Like In NYC

After months of darkness in New York City, Spring is finally here bringing joy and happiness to all of our miserable lives.

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Winter time in NYC = HELL


This winter in particular was especially hellish because Mother Nature was all like...

Disney / Via

and we were all like....

Disney / Via


And before we get into it, let's queue in "Happy" by Pharrell.

I mean, what other song can TRULY depict this awesome feeling?

Enter Spring, bringing happiness, joy, and blooming flowers all over the place.

Filmation Associates / Via

At first we don't know why the sun is shinning so bright.

Then we realize it's Spring and it's time to come out of our caves.

And there is NOTHING stopping us from going outside and into the sunlight.

Paramount Pictures

Once we feel the warmth of the sun on our face we are filled with so much joy, we don't even know what to do.

We are just so happy and want to be outside.


And dance.




And then dance some more.

NBC / Via

And party some more.

And eat Brunch outdoors.

NBC / Via

And drink SOME MORE....

OK I think you all get it now! So NY enjoy the few days of Spring you'll get to experience before the Summer heat takes over.

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