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Hottest Bad Boys In The World Cup

Hot men + tattoos = instant bad boys.

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7. Daniele De Rossi - Italy

Why? He is not only handsome and passionate about the sport, he has been known to get into some trouble. This World Cup he is looking for some vindication, and who can resist that? YUP, not me.


2. Olivier Giroud - France.

Why? He is french, hot, has an amazing body and extremely defined face features. Plus, he also has great hair, smile and... Uhm everything perfect? He really just outdid himself with those tattoos.

1. Ezequiel Lavezzi - Argentina

Why? Lavezzi is truly the whole package. He is handsome, strong, a great player with a fantastic smile AND he is not married! He might have a girlfriend, but we can all dream of the possibility of having him until he makes things official with anyone.