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Here Are The Most WTF Moments Of The World Cup's Opening Ceremony

SPOILER ALERT: Pitbull's pants stole the show.

1. The disco ball globe...


2. When J.Lo's and Pitbull's grand entrance was ruined by the non-working globe.

Los reyes de la ceremonia @pitbull y @JLo Comienza la #FIFAWorldCupBrazil

3. At least Pitbull was a gentleman about it.

4. There was an array of weird creatures running around the field.

Grass people?

5. Flower people?


7. Whatever this was...

8. Or this...

9. The boy rowing a canoe...with a seatbelt on.

10. ALL media outlets missed the inaugural goal.

11. And probably the most important of them all: Pitbull's pants.

12. His diaper pants were just as bad in the front as they were in the back.

13. J.Lo and Claudia Leitte seem to agree with us.