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    16 Reasons Why Grandma Yetta Had The Most Swag In The Fine Family

    Yetta was the realest deal on The Nanny.

    1. She always did whatever she wanted to do and gave zero fucks.

    2. ZERO


    3. FUCKS

    4. GIVEN

    5. She was so cool even Lady Gaga tried to copy her style:

    6. More than once...


    7. She knew how to rock lipstick better than anyone else:

    8. She always knew what was important to her:

    9. She had absolutely no filter:

    10. But it was so endearing you couldn't help but love her:

    11. And she always lived life like it was her last day on earth.

    CBS / Via

    12. She always managed to have the last laugh:

    13. She had the best life hacks to save money:

    14. Yet she spared no money to buy the best gifts for those she loved:

    15. She had the most confidence out of anyone around her:


    16. And had some killer moves too:


    Thanks for blessing us with your swag grandma Yetta.

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