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10 Reasons Why Voicemails Are Actually The BEST

YES, most people think voicemails are the WORST. So here's proof that all the haters are wrong.

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5. Yes, you might wonder, "why doesn't this person just text me?" But texting can be so confusing.

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With voicemail, you get to hear tone of voice, which is absolutely EVERYTHING.

6. A lot of older people don't know how to use text messages or complicated smartphones. So they usually will just leave you a voicemail THAT YOU SHOULD OBVIOUSLY LISTEN TO.

How else will you know that your sweet grandma wants you to come over because she knitted you a sweater? DON'T BREAK HER HEART AND LISTEN TO HER VOICEMAIL.

7. After a night of partying and blacking out, how else will you know if your friends even cared about you disappearing?

8. If you want to act like a real adult, it is a common courtesy to leave a voicemail for business.

Maybe you are getting that job you wanted! Or not, but you should listen to your messages anyway.

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