10 Reasons Why Voicemails Are Actually The BEST

YES, most people think voicemails are the WORST. So here’s proof that all the haters are wrong.

SO most people’s reactions to voicemails tend to be pretty negative…

Universal pictures / Via Tumblr

And sure, sometimes people really don’t have anything interesting to say…

Comedy Central

I get that, BUT

1. Leaving a voicemail is a guaranteed way of knowing that a person won’t use the “I didn’t get your call” excuse.

USA network

Your voicemail is the proof.

2. What if someone is trying to call you from an unknown number? If they leave you a voicemail, you can solve that mystery in a heartbeat.


3. Not listening to your voicemails can have some pretty awful consequences….


Like forgetting to get your child from practice…. “MY BAD, SON”

4. And sure you can just ignore the voicemail, but you don’t know what you could be missing out on…


Sometimes your voicemails can contain comedic gold.

5. Yes, you might wonder, “why doesn’t this person just text me?” But texting can be so confusing.

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With voicemail, you get to hear tone of voice, which is absolutely EVERYTHING.

6. A lot of older people don’t know how to use text messages or complicated smartphones. So they usually will just leave you a voicemail THAT YOU SHOULD OBVIOUSLY LISTEN TO.

How else will you know that your sweet grandma wants you to come over because she knitted you a sweater? DON’T BREAK HER HEART AND LISTEN TO HER VOICEMAIL.

7. After a night of partying and blacking out, how else will you know if your friends even cared about you disappearing?

Showtime / Via Tumblr

You listen to your voicemails, that’s how!

8. If you want to act like a real adult, it is a common courtesy to leave a voicemail for business.

Maybe you are getting that job you wanted! Or not, but you should listen to your messages anyway.

9. Also listening to voicemails isn’t even that much of a hassle anymore with the help of visual voicemail.

Apple / Via dynamicpatents.com

Seriously, there is no excuse not to listen to your messages.

10. And FINALLY, probably one of the best reasons, DRUNK VOICEMAILS!!!!

ABC Family

Who doesn’t love waking up to drunk voicemails?

Fluffy will…. but YOU wont.

So from now on, when you get a voicemail just listen to it!

It is the right thing to do!

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