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That Moment I Realized I Was An Ariana Grande Fan!


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That Moment I Became An Ariana Grande Fan


I met Ariana Grande probably 4 or 5 over the last few years through work. The first time I met was her the day before she dropped her first album, Yours Truly. There was so much buzz going around about this girl having the voice of Mariah Carey and so forth. My personal interaction with her really through me off and since then, it kind of always me take a step back towards her music.

When everything happened with the Manchester attacks a few ago outside her concert, a lot of things crossed my mind but the first was that no one should have to go through that at their own event. I was wondering what was going on in her mind. How is she feeling? What is she going to do? I wasn’t sure at all. I heard reports of her blaming herself which from angles makes her seem like a normal human being. Yet no matter what, she personally did not cause it happening just by putting on a huge concert in the UK. That person who caused that harm was going to do it one way or another and just decided to make it happen at Ariana’s Manchester show.

She wrote her fans a letter about how she was feeling and how she was keeping everyone on her mind while trying to find her own way of coping. Other celebrities and musicians came forth on her behalf to truly unite together in something just so powerful. It was like a forceful movement of bringing everyone from across the world together just to not only keep the victims in our thoughts and prayers but to remember that music is something that should be celebrated. Music is universal across all languages and backgrounds. That right there was something huge that came out of the horrific events.

She offered to pay for funeral costs for the families. And then Ariana and her team did something I was not expecting to happen or even to happen so quickly. They announced her One Love Manchester benefit concert with Coldplay, Usher, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell, Niall Horan, Katy Perry, and more on June 4th right back in Manchester. She packed her bags and arrived back in Manchester with enough time to stop by the hospital there to visit people injured by the attacks, most of which are huge Ariana Grande fans. That was just something unbelievable. She did something that you want all people to do in those kinds of situations – to use their fame for good and shed light on something to turn it into something positive. All the proceeds being raised at the benefit concert is going to the families affected by the attacks.

This could have happened to almost any artist out there and I’m not a hundre percent sure any of them would have stepped up to the plate like Ariana Grande did. She took her fear, her scary experience, her guilt, her fame, and turned it into something that wouldn’t benefit her but the people who were affected. That is just beyond selfless to me and everything I want to see in a role model for young girls out there and someone I want to support as an artist.

I was driving home in my hot car with the air conditioning blasting at 8:30pm on a Saturday night with just a bathing suit on catching myself changing my iHeart Radio station to Ariana Grande and realizing, that I officially became her fan tonight. I am sure some drivers driving past me were scared seeing me dance and sing my lungs off to her music but she deserves it. I have worked with artists before that I heard there music like a million times and got sick of it and then they would come into work. They would be the chilliest people on the planet and I would go home playing their music like it was the first time I heard it. It is similar in this case because now I want to go out there and support this girl’s career after how gracefully she handled everything. Most importantly, for being someone little girls looking up to her, can have a positive role model.

Ariana Grande's Manager, Scooter Braun

Ariana Grande Took Time To Visit Victims & Fans In The Hospital

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