A Definitive Ranking Of 45 Characters From The "O.C."

Who’s number one? Whoever you want it to be.

45. Rebecca Bloom

You DO NOT try to break up Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.

44. Will

LOL Chris Brown as a band geek.

43. Charlotte Morgan

Remember when she met Kirsten in rehab and then tried to con her? But then Julie Cooper saved the day and ran Charlotte out of town because Julie is the HBIC of the OC?

42. Johnny Harper

Way to mess things up between Marissa and Ryan, dude. RIP

41. Veronica Townsend

We all wondered why Taylor was so insane until we met this demon woman.

40. Carter Buckley

UGH CARTER. We all knew what you were doing when you took Kirsten to a wine tasting, got her drunk, and then tried to stay in the SAME hotel room because you guys couldn’t drive home.

39. Young Kaitlin Cooper

Hey, it’s Shailene Woodley! Little Kaitlin was kind of boring, which is probably why her parents shipped her off to boarding school.

38. Dean Hess

It was SO satisfying when Ryan punched him.

37. Casey

Can you REALLY blame someone for cheating on wimpy Johnny with Volchok?

36. Brad and Eric Ward

Luke’s twin bros/Kaitlin’s BFFs were the breakout stars of the final season even though they shaved their chests.

35. Matt Ramsey

NO. You DO NOT get to mess with Sandy Cohen’s conscience.

34. Oliver Trask

Can we just talk about how Oliver made up a girlfriend, physically tried to hurt Ryan, and lied about taking a bunch of pills? AND HOW MARISSA BELIEVED ALL OF IT???

33. Jess Sathers

Way to make everything terrible for everyone.

32. Zach Stevens

Let’s be real. Zach was just a placeholder for Seth. We knew it, Summer knew it, even Zach knew it.

31. Trey Atwood

I can’t decide if he ruined Ryan’s life or saved it by making him steal that car.

30. Chili

Public school Seth just wasn’t the same.

29. Teenage Kaitlin Cooper

Okay, I don’t know which boarding school she went too, but Kaitlin left Newport as a boring little girl and came back a QUEEN.

28. Dr. Kim

A true princiPAL.

27. Dr. Roberts

His choice in women was…questionable, and he hated Seth when he first met him. He would have been ranked dead last if it wasn’t for the fact that he produced Summer, one of the most amazing humans ever.

26. Theresa Diaz

She was totally jealous of Ryan’s new life and eventually LIED TO HIM ABOUT LOSING THE BABY.

25. Taryn Baker

Taryn was the best Newpsie in Newport.

24. Lindsay Gardner

She ended up being Caleb’s daughter, which meant she was kind of Ryan’s aunt, which meant things got way too weird. BUT she did make Ryan apply himself and get good at school, so great job.

23. Frank Atwood

Okay so he used to be a deadbeat, but Frank ended up becoming a pretty nice guy. It was weird when he dated Julie though, right? The Cooper women must have put some witchy spell on the Atwood Men.

22. DJ

I think Summer described him perfectly when she said DJ was “a hot, hot yard guy, who was hot.”

21. Gordon Bullit


20. Young Sandy Cohen

It’s Schmidt, you guys!

19. Holly Fischer

The reason Marissa ODed in Tijuana, but I always wanted a friend like Holly who would invite me to drunken ragers at her beach house.

18. Dawn Atwood

Sometimes I loved her and sometimes I just couldn’t deal.

17. Caleb Nichol

He loses points for being a huge meanie and also for becoming Charles Widmore.

16. Hailey Nichol


15. Anna Stern

Seth couldn’t deal with dating the lady version of himself, and to be honest, she was probably way too cool for Newport anyway.

14. Jimmy Cooper

He really tried to be a good dad but went about it in all of the wrong ways. Running away isn’t a good parenting technique.

13. Volchok

He turned Marissa into Courtney Love and then KILLED HER (but he was sooo hot omg).

12. Alex Kelly

Olivia Wilde! These scenes are how most of us convinced our boyfriends to watch the show.

11. Marissa Cooper

No, Marissa, you were NEVER emotionally stable.

10. Che

Chris Pratt was GOLD on this show.

9. The Nana

The Nana struck fear into the hearts of the Cohen family, but I always thought she was the coolest old lady.

8. Luke Ward

He went from a school bully to an outcast who loved hanging with Seth. Is anyone else curious about what Luke’s life is like in Portland right now??

7. Ryan Atwood

Look, I know he’s the main character of the entire show, but he was from CHINO and also could be kind of boring at times.

6. Kirsten Cohen

I would be happy if I ended up being 1/1000th as classy as Kirsten.

5. Julie Cooper

In the first season we ALL hated Julie. She was a superficial, gold digging mom. BUT tell me you didn’t cry when she got a diploma in the final episode and didn’t want a man to support her anyone. #TeamJulie

4. Taylor Townsend

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me here, but 98% of us would never be as cool as Summer and Marissa if we lived in Newport, and we’d probably end up being more like Taylor.

3. Summer Roberts

O.C. queen.

2. Seth Cohen

Yes, Ryan was probably supposed to be the show’s heartthrob. But I will take wit and sweaters over a wife beater/wrist cuff ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

1. Sandy Cohen


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